At the outset I congratulate your prudent decision to pursue Law Course at K.L.E. Society’s S. A. Manvi Law College, Gadag. I invite you to our institution which has stood as Charioteer for the noble objectives of the K.L.E. Society. In particular, the college has been making sincere efforts to produce committed and efficient professional, thereby contributing to the growth of the legal system in the country. We ascribe our success to our qualified and experienced teaching staff, guest faculty and the valuable assistance given by the administrative staff. The curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the institution will ensure overall personality development. I am sure you would be extremely happy and satisfied with your decision to join this institution. I am proud to place it on record that with the continuous inspiration and guidance of Dr. Prabhakar B. Kore, the Chairman K.L.E Society, the members of the Board of Management of K.L.E. Society, the members of the Executive Committee, the College Governing Body, and with the assistance of the students and staff, our college could make an impact on the society. We strongly believe in popular maxim – ‘there is no substitute for hard work’. The ‘more you work; more you develop your ability to work!’ But of course, work without vision is a journey without direction. ‘Honalu’ is the reflection of the talent hidden in a student, about which he is unaware. This Souvenir is a sincere endeavor to nurture and develop such a talent.